Heartbeat(s): Home Remedies

Release Date: 18 June 2013


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Debut release from Markus Garcia (one half of LOL Boys) under the Heartbeat(s) title. 50% avant garde techno and 50% ghetto bass booty, "Home Remedies" pulls influence from his younger years in Chicago and labels like Dance Mania and Traxx with heavy Detroit feelings leaking out of 303 twists, and vivid electronic nostalgia off of hazed out synth backdrops, deep sub bass and a tapestry of creative drum sequencing. Featuring previous collaborator Angelina Lucero, whose vocals also rung out over LOL Boys’ "Changes" EP, this "Home Remedies" is both a crisply textural and groove-heavy zone.

c39 run of 200

Mastered by Tom Whalen/Culture Beast Studios


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Heartbeat(s): "Home Remedies"


"Home Remedies"

1. Hocus Pocus (ft. Angelina Lucero)

2. Long Night Ahead

3. T.T.T. (Twerk Team Tryouts)

4. Brick & Birds

5. South Shore

6. Unemployed

7. Somewhere Between

8. Diss Track

9. (We) Knew All Along

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