Tings and Savage: Brain Foam

Release Date: 25 June 2013


Buy - $7- c20 pro-dubbed cassette w/ silkscreened insert + free MP3 download


Club Mate and weed-drenched collab from Melbourne-based retroactive house producer Roland Tings and co-conspirator Nathan Savage, entirely improvised out of eight 11-hour days in an old converted governmental administration building next to a scrap yard on the canal in Berlin. Focusing on super warm, scruffy textures and consciously avoiding tempos of 115 - 130 for a classic ambient electronic zone with a strong “club” backbone, "Brain Foam" is obliquely jacked on the same Tings luxury that made "Milky Way" so engaging. These two have found encountered deep, flowing sounds amongst the amp hiss; bright pulsing synth spaces with a strong rhythmic core, like the hazy shells of the tracks playing in the club the night before being filled up again with sun and smoke.

C20 run of 200 w/ silkscreened inserts by Ryo Kuramoto

Mastered by James Plotkin


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Tings & Savage: "Brain Foam"

Tings & Savage

"Brain Foam" 

1. Shiver

2. Werkstatt

3. Sequins

4. Green





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