Ex-Terrestrial: "Paraworld" 12"—1080pCollection

Ex-Terrestrial: "Paraworld" 12"

Mellow new release for high elevation from Montreal's Adam Feingold, following up last years  "Nuff Zang" cassette on 1080p by slipping into the Ex-Terrestrial guise for a part chillbient, part shake n break four-track 12".

"Paraworld" looks back to millennial downbeat realms and naturalist, ambient IDM; baked visions of sunlight passing through water and refracting many shades of blue echo an early 00's kind of instrumental peace and stasis.

Recorded in the summer/early fall of 2015 using mainly the Yamaha CS 1X and some Juno 60. 

Distributed by Rub a Dub and available at retailers such as Red Eye Records