Perfume Advert: "Big Gete Star" 12"—1080pCollection

Perfume Advert: "Big Gete Star" 12"

Middlesbrough lads Aaron Turner and Tom Brown make their return to 1080p as Perfume Advert, following up what I must say was one of the breakthrough early cassette releases of the label (“Tulpa”, from back in 2013) with a vivid and kinetic wash of tech-house and and deeply-layered house—extremely heavy night-drive vibes and more abstracted mesmeric feelings lit with pulsating textures and their distinctly murky cosmics.

The tracks are amongst the last few written and recorded in the Boro before they moved to Salford, and are a result of moving the sound out of the bedroom and experimenting at clubs and festivals over the past couple of years. Artistic influences remain inside the same oddball sci-fi realm as “Tulpa”, sandworms everywhere, drawing from; Ballard’s scribblings and on-screen adaptations, Yoshitaka Amano’s earlier surreal + textile laden works and fantasy dreamscapes, Philip K Dick’s dystopian, near-future prophecies, and Akira Toriyama’s hyperactive, OTT approach to character and storytelling.

Distributed by Rub a Dub and available at retailers such as Red Eye Records