Earth Boys: "Welcome 2 Earth" 12"—1080pCollection
Earth Boys: "Welcome 2 Earth" 12"

Earth Boys: "Welcome 2 Earth" 12"

Earth-based producers Julian Duron and Michael Sherburn touch down at 1080p with a massive 12” laced with timeless, chilled grooves. Earth Boys construct each track in a deep haze—vintage house, smooth jazz and breakbeats—compiling moody vocals and analog gear to create their signature, tongue-in-cheek sound.

“Welcome 2 Earth” delivers a range of upbeat melodies and catchy hooks, slants on rising genres such as dad house, brunch house, and millennial jazz that come to fruition by placing fun as the keystone of their studio practice.

Duron and Sherburn frequently collaborate on other projects—DUST, Christian Surfer, and Todd—and “Welcome 2 Earth” has collaborations from John Barclay (DUST) and Lemon D (Planet Earth, Metalheadz, Kickin Records). Also known for their eclectic DJ sets and regular parties at Bossa Nova Civic Club, Earth Boys blaze the streets of NYC with a serious mission, to get the whole universe high as hell.

Digital available via Bandcamp

Distributed by Rub a Dub and available at retailers such as Red Eye Records