J. Albert: "Strictly J" 12"—1080pCollection

J. Albert: "Strictly J" 12"

Four new loose and beautiful metropolitan house grooves from prolific NYC producer J Albert aka Jio Albert whose Mantra (as always) is to keep it simple, and of course, keep it “Strictly J”!

In addition to the grime beats he’s been releasing on Soundcloud under the DJ Osom alias, Jio has also explored stoned jungle with a recent Black Opal release and a reissue 12” on his own Exotic Dance Records imprint.

“Strictly J” is his scruffy take classic house on zones more into the Hot Music-Soho vibes. Characterized by busy percussion, off-kilter downtown beats, stops and starts, scattered breaks, and weirdly breezy melodies, these tracks are roomy def down for the summer.

Interestingly enough, I was subletting Jio’s room last Summer in Ridgewood, Queens and was sitting next to him as he made some of these tracks while I worked my tech support job. He was listening to a lot of Buddy Rich, Bill Evans, and Jeremy Steig at the time.

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Distributed by Rub a Dub and available at retailers such as Red Eye Records