UMFANG: "Riffs" 12"—1080pCollection

UMFANG: "Riffs" 12"

Soft bangers and beatless movements on UMFANG’s vinyl debut “Riffs”, the follow up to last year’s 1080p-released cassette “Ok”. On this five-track 12”, the Brooklyn-based producer can be found tripping on ambient and investigating texture as much as percussion throughout.  

Discovering the abilities to sequence the Microkorg with Xoxbox changed everything, and these tracks take vivid form and are a logical progression from the previous polyrhythmic techno—footwork thoughts, avoiding 4/4 with simple melodies against landscape-like imagery.

UMFANG is Emma Olson, prolific DJ, co-founder of Discwoman and programmes Technofeminism, a monthly residency at Bossa Nova Civic Club focusing on emerging local talent and an affection for vinyl.

Vinyl available here

Distributed by Rub a Dub and available at retailers such as Red Eye Records